Predictions of the Theory

The next 8 predictions


4.14. The direction of the revolving of planets about stars. From Unified Тheory of Nature (Space vortex changes see) streams, that all planets – the companions ofany stars are revolved round stars in the direction, with the same name of the sign of rotation of the star. Such direction will be found out only.

4.15. "Downdraughts". From the Unified Тheory follows (Anticyclone and cyclone - the unified theory   see), that the attempt to develop the system of operative automatic control by an aircraft for the case its hit in a "downdraught" on the basis of the velocity sensors of currents of air in atmosphere or the changes of its density will not be effective.

4.16. Ratatory speed of the star. From the Unified Тheory follows, that at the star, which the companion is planet OGLE – TV 56 b, will be found out the great speed gyration (in many times greater, than at Sun, Universal Gravitation and planet ОGLE-ТВ 56 b  and  Solar system, rotation of the sun and planets see).

4.17. An electron and a positron are repelled. An electron and a positron in the experiments at their mutual approach by a rib to a rib will be drawn only in the beginning, but then there will be the pushing away (Why charges are pushed away and attracted see).

4.18. Magic numbers and stability of an atomic nucleus. Erected in the Unified Тheory the atomic nucleus structure (Why the nuclear interaction is the strong? and Why deuterium is stable? see) will allow to explain the "magic" numbers: 2, 8, 20, 28, …, which reflect the quantity of protons or/and neutrons in a kern of an atom for the maintenance of its stability (strength).

4.21. The light speed between Earth and a space station. The light speed, measured between Earth and a near-Earth space station, will be various in the forward and the backward direction (Influence of flow of a space ether, A.Michelson experient, the news and How the Special Theory of Relativity was mistaken? see). By that the station should be «hanged» over one point of Earth surface.

4.22. Neighbourhoods of "a black hole». Studying of the neighbourhoods of "a black hole» will find out total absence of particles and bodies (Essence of Black Hole see).

4.23. The wave form at the quantum transition. The electromagnetic wave, gained at the quantum transition, will have the shape not the shock wave, as appears from Quantum Mechanics, but of the wave with the continuously increasing amplitude (Deep essence of the electromagnetic wave see).





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