Predictions of the Theory

Magnetic field of Earth and other predictions

4.7. The motion of the magnetic axis of Earth. As precession of the northern magnetic pole of Earth is independent of precession of the southern (The Unified Theory unriddles the aurora borealis and magnetic-poles of Earth see), then the magnetic axis of Earth concerning the geographical will move in Space (in Earth) by the most manifold motions.

4.8. The area of the magnetic poles. In connection with that (Magnetic fild of the Earth see) on South Pole the gravitating ether flows in passing with the direction of fluxion of the circular interpolar fluxion, then the South Pole area will be more of the area of Northern Pole.

4.9. Structure of the magnetic field of Earth. From the Unified Тheory ("Magnetic fild of the Earth" see above and Magnetic domains see) follows that the cross section of the magnetic field of Earth will have the periodic structure in the horizontal and the vertical directions.

4.10. Asymmetry of the magnetic force lines of Earth. As a separate jet in the multijet circular flow of ether (of the magnetic force line, "Magnetic fild of the Earth" see above )  have the essentially various traffic conditions, then the jet trajectory at its uprise and the decrease will be the asymmetrical concerning the equatorial plane of Earth.

4.11. Universe expansion. If the Universe is dilated, then except removal of galactics from us, it should be their cross bias concerning our sight also.

Hence if one sight to guide on the very far galaxy, and the second under the sharp angle – on the very close, then at the identical velocity of them cross scattering (it follows from A.Friedman's theory) the long-range galaxy will remain on one place, but the short-range should leave aside.

If this cannot be found out, then it is true the explanation of "red shift» on the Unified Тheory (Red shift - its secrets see) instead of Big Bang Theory.

4.12. Violet shift. As on the Unified Тheory the meshes of the honeycombed structure of Universe (Gravitation and Universe and The universe cellular structure see) are increased and decreased, then there are the opposite motions of boundaries of a baffler of a mesh (of the boundaries of the aggregations of galaxies) so, violet bias will be revealed.

4.13. Destruction and deforming of an atom. According to the essence of the "electric field" it is necessary to expect, that at an atom hit in the strong "electric field" it will collapse from the outside, since it will be the interaction with the concentrated microvortexes. At the same time in the strong magnetic field (What is the magnetic field?  and Magnet, Gravitation and Inertia see) the atom will only distort by flow of maternel ether without fracture.

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