Predictions of the Theory

PRESSURE IN THE EARTH (the first 6 predictions of Unified Theory of Nature)

4.1. Pressure in the Earth decreases?!  From Unified Тheory streams that gravitational pressure (see a force) in process of deepening to centre of Earth will not be increased (as it is demanded by a Newton's law, fig. 52а), but at first will be increased, and then to decrease to zero at centre of Earth. It follows from  that (Essence of Gravitation and Dependence of microvortexes see) ether gemmates on microvortexes (fig. 52 б) in process of the deepening.




Fig. 52. Pressure in the Earth differs in process of a deepening to it.

a – on Newton; s- on the Unified Theory of Nature;

1 – Earth; 2 – centre of Earth; 3 – flow of ether; F – diagram of gravitational pressure.


Maximum pressure in the Earth will be on such depth, where there is still the major flow of ether, but already through the major thickness.*

4.2. Atmospheric pressure in a cloud. From Unified Тheory ("Dependence of microvortexes" see above  and Cyclones see) follows, that atmospheric pressure in a massive cloud (including before the cyclone occurrence) also should be proportioned anomalously on vertical, increasing from below upwards. That may by the cause of well-known "downdraught".

4.3. Weight of a body in a cyclone. According to Unified Тheory ("Cyclones" see above) simultaneously with atmospheric pressure slope in the zone of occurrence of cyclone should decrease weight of bodies.

4.4. The shape of Earth and weight of a body on the poles. From the nature of magnetic field of Earth and the nature of Gravitation ("Essence of Gravitation" see above) the following streams. Earth because of the unilateral flowing of transit ether from one of pole (Z) and flowing out from the another (N) should be bent from the side of pole «Z» a little, but from side «N» - extend outside a little. Weight of a body should be on South Pole a little more than on Northern.

4.5. Quasars. As  galaxies scatter on E.Habbl, then the further from us a viewed galaxy, the more promptly it  leaves from us. For the most remote objects – quasars the velocity of their removal from us on E.Hubbl V≈ 240000 km/s. From this it follows, that the little farther objects not to find out any more never to us. It streams from that the light speed C ≈ 300000 km/s and then the light wave will run to us, but the radiant – with the same velocity and the greater from us. Further of such objects there will be darkness for us always. Unified Тheory explains the true causes of "red shift» and proves inaccuracy of the standing about Universe expansion (Another reason for the Red Shift  and Red shift - its secrets see). Therefore in the proximate years the farther radiation sources (other quasars) will be unclosed, the calculation on which on E.Habbl will give the velocity of removal major, then the light speed.

4.6. Inconstancy of the electronic mass. The further betterment of the physical measuring instruments and of the measuring methods will lead to that the inconstancy of the electronic mass will be found out (Relict radiation – not relict  see).


* Accordingly the maximum density of Earth will be on the same depth.

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