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    1. Unified Theory OF NATURE and the site 

    2. Gravity will have rescued us from an asteroid 

    3. The Unified Theory exposes the Uncertainty   

    4. The Unified Theory opens secret of Life 

    5. Unified Theory ot Nature and other unified theories 

    6. The Gravity secret, Chernobyl, Fukushima  

    7. Only the Unified Theory of Nature explains the diversified natural phenomena     

    8. Unified Theory of Nature and global warming    

    9.The Unified Theory - difficulties of its making 

    10. N.Tesla about an Unified Theory and the Unified Theory of Nature  

    11. Unified Theory of Nature tames a tornado    

    12. The Unified Theory against dark matter 

   13. Disaster prevention  at the nuclear power plants 

    14. Gravity and Inertia control the dangerous natural phenomena  

   15The Unified Theory unriddles the aurora borealis and magnetic-poles of Earth 

   16. What gave the discovery of the essence of Gravitation  

   17. Unified Theory of Nature and designing of flying antigravitational kettles     

    18. Unified Theory of Nature and how to raise controllability and velocity of the                     gravekettles 

   19. Travelings to Space and protection against fatal dangers

   20. Explosion of the supernova     

   21The mysterious star 

   22. Brain, information, aura 

   23. Unsolved Mysteries of Sun   

   24. The emergence of the Universe


    25Some literature for inquiries  


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     1.Unified Theory of Nature and the site  


In the site " Unified Theory of Nature" you will comprehend the most mysterious Natural phenomena and learn to control the most imperious natural phenomenon Gravitation. Having comprehended these secrets, in particular, mastering Gravity, you can promptly extinguish the dangerous forest fires, eliminate catastrophic floods and mudflows all sweeping away along their way. Eliminate droughts and cause fruitful rains. You will float without the icebreaker in ices.  Gravity control will allow you to create  the flying machine, allowing you to fly in Universe to other galactics, stars and planets or to meet an asteroid and to decline it from collision with Earth. You can that not dreamt to anybody (Prevention of the catastrophes see).  

Now Internet is overflowed  by unified theories. They are unified field theories, substance theories, theories of everything, but are not present any Unified Theory, in which  the mankind is engaged all life by solution of secrets.  

The titles - assignings of all published theories specifies, first of all, in their boundedness. Ones include only the nature fundamental principle - a substance, but do not include  things - the separate objects, having a boundary. Others include a field, which not only excludes things from viewing, but itself is illusive also, though it is convenient as a mathematical category. Thirds are restricted, since according to the assigning include only things - the separate objects of  Nature. The true unified theoty mast be the natural theory, obviously, only.  

On falsity of the existing theories specifies also that all of them are proved by authors to be true on unities of examples literally, that the usual student can make for the unified theory easily. Besides, they suffer byintolerable for the true theory complexity of build-up. The true theory - is the simple and the clear.  The author of the present site aspired to construct  namely the such theory. Some positions of the theory will not be compounded with the up-to-date representations about Nature, however the truth and universality of the featured Unified Theory for a reader will be shown on 140 examples and exposition of the experiments , which fulfilment is accessible to any person.  

It appears, Universe does not grow out of a Big Bang (Big Bang did not exist see), the Time does not exist. All motions in Nature are reduced to a mechanical motion (The Time Machin secretsee). The cause of attraction of magnets and cause of chemical bond is Gravity(Why magnets are attracted? and How ever is formed a chemical bond? see). Gravity in the Universe is not everywhere (Essence of Gravitation see). The maximum pressure not is in the centre of Earth (Pressure in the Earth see) and an electron can be repelled from a positron (Why charges are pushed away and attracted see). In black hole is not the maximum Gravity, but its full absence (Essence of Black Hole see). Pressure of light does not exist (Paradoxes of pressure of light see) and the light stores secrets. A fireball and a tornado have simple explanations (Secret of a birth and life of a linear lightning and The tornado nature see).  Red Bias does not speak about Universe expansion (Red shift - its secrets see). 

Neutrino is not the particle and the "elemental" particles are not an elemental. Material objects do not disappear in other measurements. The flight in Universe can be carried out at the speed of a meteor, and under certain conditions at the speed of light (Space aircraft Wave see). These speeds can be achieved  almost instantly (The aircraft "Umbrella" see).

The mystery of potential energy is solved and it is established that Energy in considerable quantities can be extracted in any point of Earth, passing the nuclear power. "UFO" and the soaring over earth «Coffin of Magomet» are not myths and the expression «Went on the sea as on overland» has the real physical basis. 


In the site you are waited by thrilling journey.




  2. Gravity will salvage Earth from an asteroid 



The  majority of people lives and rejoices, knowing nothing that waits for them in the near future. However the scientific world is diped in the extreme anxiety. In scientific publications with alarm it is reported that a fall of a comet or a large asteroid to Earth can lead to origin on Earth huge fiery tornadoes and enormous oceanic tsunami,  that will sweep away from Earth all the live and the lifeless. Here it – the mysterious  "Doomsday". "Doomsday" approaches from the Sky – from Space. One of the proximate imminent dangers is the asteroid Apofis, which can collide with Earth already in 2029 

Those who knows about these extreme dangers, with the hope immixed with fear, look at the advanced countries of Europe and America. Yes, in these countries already the long time is made hard work on protection against threats from Space.  

However both to scientists, and to engineers it follows to admit urgently (as 2029 is very close) that they are rather far from success. 

So, the use of non-nuclear kinetic battering-ram for a shock modification of a trajectory of an asteroid can be effective only for small asteroids. The large asteroids, possessing major Inertia, will transmute of battering-ram energy into the superficial damages, but remain on the dangerous trajectory.  

The gravitational towing vehicle is offered, representing the spaceship, spanning asteroid from an orbit by means of the mutual Gravity and drives. However the expedient demands a reserve of time of many years because of the unsubdued Gravitation. A similar deficiency possesses also the expedient, using the ionic drives. Even less hopes instal the expedients grounded on making of large lenses for use of sunlight for the purpose of heating and transpiration of substance of an asteroid. 

The expedients with the electromagnetic catapult, releasing substance of an asteroid in Space, demand so much energy that their practicability is improbable. Besides, they are intolerable sluggish. This deficiency is concerned  to use of usual rocket engines also. 

Offered in 2011 by Bong Wie (considered the operative) the expedient of a diversion of an asteroid from its dangerous trajectory possesses variety of absolute obstacles for its success. He demands, at first, of jeweller working on by a modification of the local shape of the asteroid, consisting inside from an unknown material, moreover in far  Space. It not pots to mould on a potter's wheel in the workshop. Secondly, it is impossible to compare a crater from superficial explosion to a volcano crater as it is done by supporters of the expedient. The volcano crater is similar to a rocket nozzle, but the dimple on a firm surface from superficial explosion is similar nothing to a nozzle – there is an unstable (!) system. 

In - the third, the slightest asymmetry in the form of the dimple on an asteroid surface will yield not the reactive traction, but an asteroid gyration. In - the fourth, the dimple can arise not stringently on a normal line to an asteroid trajectory. Accordingly it will lead the unstable system indicated above to not given flight control of an asteroid, but to unpredictable modifications of a trajectory. These modifications can appear in the subsequent near future even more dangerous and already irreparable - the Doomsday will appear inevitable. 

The analysis of offered protection frames shows that for fulfilment of any of the indicated expedients it is necessary to solve before the extremely difficult dual problem – to discover long before and to discover all asteroids. The example of impossibility of the solution of such dual problem is Chelyabinsk meteorite, which has very demonstrated blindness and powerlessness of all known protection frames.  

Way out is the select of one of these two purposes, the second purpose thus should be excluded from necessity. It is admissible only under condition of knowledge of essence of Gravitation and/or Inertia. After all they play a defining role in possible collision of Earth with an asteroid. Because of Gravitation an asteroid comes nearer with terrifying velocity to Earth. Danger of an asteroid consist in its Inertia at the moment of collision with Earth. Because of Inertia of an asteroid it cannot be drived promptly also. 

Thus, it is impossible to be protected from an asteroid, without knowing deep essence of Gravitation and Inertia. If even partially to reduce the Gravity, acting on an asteroid, it will lose former acceleration at approach to Earth and the fractures become harmless for Earth. If to reduce Inertia of an asteroid, then its dangerous trajectory can be changed or made the soft touchdown easily. Even more possibilities occurs at possession of secrets and Gravitation, and Inertia. 

These secrets are uncovered in the present site (see «Gravity is not an attraction», «Secrets of Inertia» and Gravity control). The essence of Gravitation and Inertia, featured in the indicated papers, integrally streams from the Unified Theory. This Theory is featured in the present site (Working out of the Unified Theory see) and confirmed in more, than 140(!) featured in the site examples of its successful application to the most various appearances and properties of Material World. It is possible to be assured, that the essence of Gravitation and Inertia, uncovered and featured in the site is true. The kettle, possessing demanded for protection against an asteroid functions, for example, instantaneously to gather a spase velocity is featured also (The aircraft UmbrellaThe space aircraft Wave see). The antigravitational tools, depriving weight of a body completely are featured also (The gravekettle Drill, Aircraft CylinderAircraft Curl , Aircraft Tornado  see)  

The Mighties of this World, do not keep silent, publicly indicate that author of  the Unified Theory not right neither in the constructed Unified Theory, nor in the discovered essence of Gravitation, which is an organic part of this Theory, neither in its numerous acknowledgement, nor in the given experiments. Clearly show to people, who love life, that the everything, featured in the site, is a falsehood, and I am "David Kopperfild". But if cannot, do not ruin himself and the perfect surrounding Earth World by yours personal ambitions!   

It is impossible to delay - the fatal asteroid is already rushes to us with a terrifying spase velocity. 




  3.The Unified Theory exposes the Uncertainty  


When there was a thermodynamics, its triumphal procession has begun. There were thermal cars: drives, generators. Their bottom - thermodynamics laws. It has led to a failure of human thought from attempts of the complicated representation about an atomism of material mediums. However there was a small trouble – entropy. It influenced on understanding of World also. Entropy – a degree of uncertainty of system. It is difficultly to physicist (and if it is fair, it is impossible) to present  uncertainty. Mind of any person is settled on the definiteness, but here is the uncertainty. Nevertheless drives and generators reached the increasing perfection and the thermodynamics prolonged the triumphal driving. 

However there were also very serious difficulties. So, afterwards atomic reactors blew up because of very slow operation of heat exchangers of the cooling systems, working on the basis of laws of thermodynamics. Besides the fluid cavitation annoyed more and more. It destroyed any materials. Triumphal procession of thermal  cars stumbled, when in their cooling systems there was the cavitation erosion. And it arose. Especially it was essential in the strategically important objects – space  kettles. Theorists of  cavitation: Rayleigh, R.Knapp, J. Daily, A.Ellis, H.Föttinger, D.Gibson, F.Hammitt, R.Hickling and others have developed the theory of  cavitation of a fluid on the same bottoms on which there is a thermodynamics also. That is a fluid – the practically continuous medium, in which atoms move chaotically, i.e. individually indefinite fashion. This uncertainty troubleed nobody, since, in the core, the thermodynamics was successful. 

But the cavitation remained invincible. It as tore all materials, so tears. At  cavitation as there were inexplicable appearances, so arise. For some reason at collapse of a bubble cavity it is inexplicable moved upwards. For some reason at the collapse the temperature of a fluid was depressed and there was light radiation. These and other secrets remained not uncovered. 

Approximately in 70 years after origin of thermodynamics at a nuclear physics the daughter a quantum mechanics was born. She has declared the special principles and laws. As well as the thermodynamics, quantum mechanics has victoriously moved forward. There were quantum generators, many have been solved not solved before a problem. 

However, as well as in thermodynamics, in quantum mechanics there were serious difficulties more and more: barrier effect, dualism of fundamental particles, secrets of a neutrino, secret of a spin and many other things. And here in these attempts the quantum mechanics itself has given birth to the daughter (the grand daughter of  nuclear physics) – uncertainty. How, again the uncertainty?! Yes, so. And what? The atomic power stations work, quantum generators work. However, attempts to make through into microSpace – the failure behind the failure. It was necessary to consider that the electron is, but it is not present (?!). It was necessary to consider that there are the virtual, i.e. the imagined – the nonexistent  microparticles (quarks). Also that is surprising, these microparticles have macroproperties: a smell, colour, …?!  Certainly,  very difficult to be transferred from our artificial world of restaurants and art galleries to the physics riddles of real microcosmos. Here also the nonexistent (!) uncertainty exists and in thermodynamics, and a quantum mechanics. Here  all attempts to construct the Unified Theory of  World, which have seriously begun already more 100 years ago, also conclude by failures. 



The physics riddle of uncertainty constantly troubleed the author of the present paper. Uncertainty after all is indefinite! So how it is possible to learn its degree, i.e. to measure!? Very long, since 1975, reflexion, observations and performance of experiences have led the author to the solution of  inveterate problems of a cavitation, which as it has appeared, covered, in thermodynamic uncertainty. It has appeared that with warmth it is possible to work not only under thermodynamics laws. The appearance «Heat-mechanical shock in a fluid» (see [45] more low in "Some literature for inquiries") was revealed. The mechanism of the cavitation erosion of materials is uncovered. All secrets are removed from a cavitation. The new appearance allows to exclude fracture of materials in the conditions of a cavitation. Moreover, the discovered appearance yields new radiants and expedients of deriving of energy, and also, that is very actual, the expedients of the instant stopping of the gone out from obeying nuclear reactor.  

Author of the present paper from the very beginning of the working on by making of the unified theory has suddenly discovered, that in both sciences: thermodynamics and a quantum mechanics has arisen and there is the same concept – uncertainty. Therefore, creating the unified theory, I all time troubled: «But how the developed Unified Theory will be compounded with the existing in quantum mechanics principle of uncertainty of  V.Gejzenberg ?».  It has appeared, Unified Theory could be constructed without  an uncertainty and explains the existing principle simply, clearly and quite definitely (uncertainty principle see).




  4.The Unified Theory opens secret of  Life 


Anybody has not solved till now secret of Life. Its content is reflected in E.Shredinger's expression: «I do not know, whence I have come, where I go and even - who is I». 

Till now it is not known - how the man has occurbed, how he is settled and what will be with he through a long time. The solution of these secrets has huge meaning for mankind. Answers to these problems would allow mankind to learn much. Are there somewhere in Universe live beings? Are they the similar to us? Or they are monsters, as it figure in films about interstellar wars? For what to be plotted our descendants? 

Close examination of the specified great secrets has led the author to discovery of the trajectory of their solution. The solution is impossible without search of answers to the fundamental problems. The first and main from them - what is Life? The second - how there was a reproduction of life (in existing concept "Life") beings? The third - how there were the most complicated and absolute on functionality systems and organs of live beings? 

What is life. The study of the definition of the life yielded by V.I.Vernadsky [39] taken over in a science, has led me to the deduction, which has surprised me. This definition is insufficiently the common V.I.Vernadsky's concept has no unity with the more common real - Nature. Really therefore there are the secrets formulated by E.Shredinger? 

Painful reflexions have led the author to new concept "Life". This concept is not the narrow its biological definition, but the universal philosophical. This definition is erected by the author of the present site and featured in the article "Space" (Spase and Life see). 

                                                      Life is stability


The mechanism of reproduction of objects of  Nature. The answer to this problem can be gained from the Unified Theory of Nature (Existing theories of everything does not give the answer). The reproduction bottom is hidden in main attribute of Life - stabilities ("Spase and life" see) and the derivatives, streaming from the essence of Life, attributes. Here they. Origin and existence of vortexes and microvortexes of ether (Formation of vortexes see). The discovered Laws of Existence of Universe (Dependence of microvortexes see). Mechanisms of origin of the kernel, the chemical and other views of connections (Why the nuclear interaction is the strong, Тhe chemical bond is not the fundamental and Fundamental forces see). The mechanism of a birth of mass (What is the gravitational mass see). 

Remarkable consequences stream from these discovered and featured in Unified Theory of attributes of Life. So, the everyone existing, i.e. the living (in new sense of this word) the material object in process of substance accumulation steadily reduces a reserve of the interior stability. It leads it to that it essentially changes the properties, coming nearer to the neutral on stability object. It gains the interior mobility and becomes the vibrational. Then in such object inevitably ([27] see below) there are auto-oscillations. At reaching of the certain mass such material vibrating system becomes labile. Connections (Secret of durability of a solid body see) are torn in the object - the object starts to destroy - to be divided

At once at the origin of the first two new parts of the object these parts appear the steady - the viable. It is caused that the smaller (in comparison with the initial) mass of each of them, as a result the further fracture of object is stopped. The subsequent inevitable ("Dependence of microvortexes" and "What is the gravitational mass" see above) the magnification of mass of these new two parts leads to recurring of the featured process of division of each of them. 

Thus, the surprising decision is received: the division - the reproduction is the natural property of all existing objects of Nature. The unique brake of this process of division, obviously, will be only the velocity of increase of mass of an object ("What is the gravitational mass" see above). 

In connection with the featured, the interesting entertainment is remembered me from my hungry post-war childhood. Before me and my brothers mum put a bowl of a Russian cabbage soup. In it completely there not were the such riches as meat, but the rare individual droplets of fat sometimes floated. It was the most main thing for us. Each of brothers tried to join these droplets in one major drop and to tow in it to itself. The magnification of a drop at us was gained to its certain size. As soon as the drop reached this size, it started tolose the roundish (now I understand - the unstedy) shape and at connection to it of other droplets it was divided on two smaller round at its slightest driving. At the further affixion of small droplets to each of these two drops there was to them that has happened to the first. 

Origin of a man. The one more, in comparison with the division, the acquisition path of the greatest stabilities of the material objects of Nature is the join of objects. At the join of the steady objects there can arise the major from them, but the steady (viable, "Spase and Life" see above) structures ([27] see belov). Therefore in the division of object featured above further there can be the steady integratings of the arisen new objects. By that the system of incorporated objects necessarily becomes the complicated, but becomes more viable. It, having gained the action of unfavorable factors, each time is recovered for the account of the stability (Self-equalization see). The organised system becomes the self-acting system which the amount, on the same warrant, can grow further. The system becomes the complicated organism. 

Gradually the parts of this self-acting system become complicated also by the same path on the basis of a survival of the steady objects. The parts, which have testedtest on itself the exterior adverse effects by the first, become the sensor controls. These are the data units of the complicated steady organised self-acting system. The data units of the external actions: light, a sound, mechanical action, heat. Here the path is discovered: how our delightful organs of vision, hearing, touch, heat, a substance view  were generated

The featured division of the material objects of Nature together with the featured join is the mysterious reproduction of live beings. Certainly, this path of a modification of objects of Nature is the very long-term. The detailed exposition of this trajectory also will be extremely long-term, but it is not necessary.




   5.Unified Theory of Nature and other unified theories 


In Chaos do not search for true since true it that is correct, and is correct that is ranked. Namely in order it is possible to distinguish one from another, each of which is unique - truly

As the secret – Nature  (World, Universe) represents not chaos, but the order, then the unified theory of Nature as the solution of this secret also should be unique. However, how to be to the reader if on the Internet many hundreds the theories claiming for the true are offered? Their most widespread titles: Theory of Everything, Unified Field Theory, Unified Theory of Substance. What theory to trust? What, straining without sparing the forces, to investigate?  What of hundreds these theories to pay attention of responsible for destinies of mankind of the high-ranking state persons? What of offered theories is true – what arms mankind with the knowledge allowing all of us to  remain live in the conditions of space threats and energy hunger?  

The reader will make the correct solution if, knowing that the true is unique, will not study any of from this set offered unified theories. Including the theory offered by the author of the present article. 

Here I offer the reader of unified theories how to discover among them that unique - true, which so is necessary to all mankind and you. We will view one of the most widespread names of theories – Theory of Everything. 

It is considered that Theory of Everything should combine all fundamental interactions. The theory with the same purposes often term Unified Field Theory. From this ambiguity the deduction already follows that authors of the specified theories have no accurate representation about paths of build-up of such combineing theory. For this reason all known Theories of Everything – Field Theories are rather complicated and  confused. It concerns and to mathematical «Exclusively simple Theory of Everything» of G.Lisi. When the mathematics becomes a main means of search of true in the real World, it is necessary to remember A.Ejnshtejn's words of honour: «the Mathematics is a unique perfect method to fool itself». 

Any of these Theories is not confirmed by its application on known appearances or objects of Nature. Any of authors of the published Theories of Everything and Field theories does not dare to do a prediction which could be checked up experiment. All authors hint at fundamental nature of these theories which in the future will yield essential favour. But how to be to mankind with your future favour today with real space threats? And how to be with accruing energyA hunger – after all wars for power resources all more fiercely?! 

But how to discover among many published the true Unified Theory? 

The first. Apparently Unified Theory as it the unified, should possess ability to explain and solve any appearances and properties of Universe. And it means that at the first announcement of its making it is necessary to check up performance of the specified requirement. The theory should to take over any (earlier solved or mysterious) appearance simply and harmonicly in itself through organic connections with this appearance. By that, if an appearance is the mysterious the theory should yield a simple solution of this appearance. 

The second. If the declared Unified Theory is sounded as the true, then its author is obliged to make on its bottom the predictions of future behaviour of real objects of Universe depending on modifications of living conditions of these objects. If the author does not do it for one object, then his Theory – not a theory. And if he does not do predictions for any objects, his Theory not the unified. If predictions become for any objects Universe, then among them it is necessary should to be the such, which can be checked up by simple experiment now already. If the author does not yield predictions with a possibility of their operative checkout, then his Theory is dangerous in the up-to-date requirements.  

Here two reliable simple measure – how to discover that uniquewhich the person not only can, but should trust. If Fate has allowed someone to create such Theory – it is impossible to delay. Fate, as learnt Baltazar Grasian, is the capricious woman. It is necessary to take over this Theory, without looking neither at the ambitions, nor on another's authority, and to add it to the arsenal mankind immediately. Time is cruel – the delay will cost to mankind the vanishing of Life on Earth.  




  6.The Gravity secret, Chernobyl, Fukushima





Now the mankind is threatened with two fatal dangers: asteroids and energy hunger. Real protection against the first danger of death is featured above in paper «Gravity will salvage Earth from an asteroid». The second danger is the same terrible, however more latent, so, insidious. Gravity will have rescued us from an asteroid

Naphtha on Earth remains a little, combustible slates and gas hardly it is more than naphtha. This naphtha and gas is used promptly by us, and we will not leave anything to our proximate descendants. We doom them to the awful future.

- Do not rustle, we have an atomic energy!

- And what, you did not hear a disturbing ring of atomic bells by names: Chernobyl, Fukushima, …? With present atomic power stations prospect of Earth - Mars.

- Wait, physicists  will invent something.

- For what to wait - the Doomsday as in December 2012, when Earth was sweepped by a global panic, and physicists were silent. 

Why they were silent ? Because under the fundamental concepts, taken over by modern physics, in December 2012 during the Favourable opposition of planets Gravity should break off  Earth. Why physicists have again kept silent, when the December has transited as usual? Because it is became obvious the inaccuracy of the physical concepts, taken over by the up-to-date science about World, as a whole, and about Gravity in particular. 

- And how now to be with the huge asteroid, coming nearer to Earth, which can transmute Earth into Mars already in the near future? How to be protected from it?

- May it will carry by, how in December of 2012 ? 

- And how not to blow up Earth the atomic power stations, after all they blow up even in the most developed countries?!

Physicists yet do not offer anything for the physics riddles (!!!). 

In 2005 I have published the monography about discovered by me in 1975 and the most interesting appearance, confirmed experimentally «Heat-mechanical shock in a fluid». Papers about heat-mechanical shock were published in an open press since 1976, and in 1980 the original materials have arrived in Academy of Sciences of USSR - sector of a mechanics of continua. The discovered essence of the appearance yielded the solution of many physics riddles and allows to develop the perspective in essence the new drives and generators. Gives the chance to gain energy from water of World Ocean, rivers, lakes. Allows to pick up the loss heat from all devices, having cooling systems and, that is especially important, gives the chance to discontinue the taken the fling nuclear reactor almost instantaneously. 

Here, that would exclude both Chernobyl, and Fukushima, after all even to Chernobyl there were 10 years of a reserve, and to Fukushima it is even more. Accordingly now after the lapse of the years from the date of the termed publications the energy problem already essentially would be solved.

The monography in 2005 has arrived in many libraries. The community of physicists should see this monography. However physicists have kept silent proudly.Not surprises, not declaimings, neither pro, nor contra.   

In 2011 my monography "Gravitation. The principles of Unified Theory of Nature" was published.  I have begun the working on this theory in 1975. Firmly following A.Einstein's fair statement: «the Mathematics is a unique perfect method to fool itself», I developed the indicated Theory practically without mathematics use. I very strongly risked, because nobody dared to concern to mathematics how it was made by me. And here, for my unusual impudence – the unexpected fee. I managed to reveal a secret of Gravity. The indicated discovery is extremely important right now. It allows not only to be protected from a dangerous asteroid, but also gives the chance to gain the solution of many physics riddles, including the energy problem of mankind without kernel power stations. The up-to-date fierce wars will be cancelled, the latent parent of which is the occurring energy hunger. The mankind will be saved of explosions of atomic stations. 

In March, 2013 I have stated in English the basic essence of the created Unified Theory. Then has delivered on one copy of the monography together with the indicated English translation in libraries of leaders in field of physics of universities. In Austin - in library of the Texas University. In Arizonsky State University (Temple, Glendejl). In the Californian University (Santa Barbara). In royal College (London). The Californian University (Berkeley). The Cambridge University (Cambridge, GB). The Harward University (Cambridge,  USA). The Oxford University (Oxford). Cornell University (Itaka) and many others.

Silence (?!). 




 7.Only the Unified Theory of Nature explains the diversified natural phenomena   


Painfully considering what I have managed to explain mysterious natural phenomena, what the new have discovered and have featured in the monography «Gravitation. The principles of Unified Theory of Nature», I have come to unfavourable for me, but, I think, to a fair deduction. Clever people guessed for a long time already some important things. They are L.Karr, N.Lobachevsky, M.Faradej, J. Maxwell, …. At the same time the original positions of the Unified Theory, stated in the monography, anybody earlier publicly were not featured. It has consoled me a little. Besides, I managed of what many dreamt. I managed to explain by a uniform fashion the diversified appearances and properties of Universe. By that I managed to reach for the first time in history thinkers the unitie of two cruelly competing sciences: philosophy and physics*. 

Having started to work over the Unified Theory, I understood that I will not achieve the object, until then while  the secret of Gravitation will not be uncovered yet. l not achieve the object until then, while the secret of Gravitation will not be uncovered yet. In turn, I will not reveal a secret of Gravitation, until the unified theory of Nature will not be created yet. The problem has appeared extremely complicated. Intense reflexions have given birth for a long time at me to some hope. It has cleared up to me that for the solution of this extremely a challenge it is necessary to use not conventional paths. For this reason, starting to develop the unified theory of Nature, I have upset variety of "sacred" physical traditions. At first, I have begun not with physics, but from philosophy. Secondly, I have not adjoined neither existing physical concepts, nor to the philosophical. Thirdly (forgive me, philosophers), I have begun with philosophy audit. At first I groundedly have exchanged the abstract philosophical concept "Contrast" to more common and is simultaneous more a concrete concept - «Dissimilarity of Material Space». It has allowed me to explain at once one of the greatest secrets of Nature - whence there is a driving.  

Then in the researches of Unified Theory of Nature I have involuntarily come to an ether. However this concept of all its known versions after M.Faradej and J. Maxwell was so chewly and useless that the ether in the physicist became the virtual object. To my great pleasure in the course of reflexions I have erected the basically new performances of ether, allowing to state the following.  Ether is the real and, unlike a fluid and gas, has variety of special physical properties, proper only in it. It exists in two shapes – the maternal and the vortex.  

I understood that I can make an error, but it has trapped me extremely. I have left all (at once shown to me insignificant) the scientific and technological entrainments of which I was proud earlier. I has thrown even my greatest pride - «Heat-mechanical shock in fluids». Having set for these two fundamental standings : «Material Space in its different points is dissimilar» and «ether is real and exists in two shapes – the maternal and the vortex», I have started to compare them with the known natural phenomena  and facts. 

And here, known in the physicist, astronomy, meteorology and other sciences phenomena and facts on the basis of mentioned above two principles have started to organise a unit! I have flied up on heavens - Unified Theory?! Then I have solved to undertake the most deepest secret of Nature - Gravitation. Using the created Principles of  the Unified Theory, I have suddenly discovered: Gravitation - is not an attraction! It was against all representations about Gravitation. I have been knocked down.  

Hardly having risen and reeling, I have begun operation with new the Gravitation. And what you think? The discovered essence of Gravitation suddenly has started to eliminate one after another the known paradoxes of physics. Here then the unclosed possibilities of the Unified Theory have deprived of me a dream, and it has begun the victorious procession. 

At first the Unified Theory has uncovered not solved the secret of a particle of a neutrino (which Paul Davis very loved), the secret of paradox between the inertial and gravitational masses (which rather excited A.Einstein). Then has explained, why particles are organised by steams, has eliminated paradox of planet OGLE-TB56 b (which under existing physical concepts should fall to the star, but did not impinge). Has revealed a secret of a multiplicity of a charge of particles. Has aggregated all fundamental interactions together. Has explained the nature of various shapes of galaxies (of what Fred Hoyle dreamt) and the parents of gyration of planets every which way. Has uncovered secrets of a globular lightning and a tornado, the nature of a structure of a nucleone, the parent of decay of a neutron, the Inertia nature, secret of a Big Bang. Any of known theories of everything could not make it. And at last, using the developed bottoms of the Unified Theory, I managed to discover solutions of the most important now problem of the coming nearer energy hunger without use of explosive nuclear reactors (look «Guidance of Gravity on Earth»). 


My lovely mans, you will not perish neither from an asteroid, nor an energy hunger. On the contrary, the deployment of secret of Gravitation promises you the perfect and light future. You will have personal generators of energy. You can move freely in Space in individual flight. You will forget about transport corks in cities, not will choke with a smog in cities, you will be not threatened with snow drifts and still very many. See you again!

* It is necessary to score, that Stephen Hawking publicly reproached  of philosophers in their extreneity to the physicist [4]. 




8.Unified Theory of Nature and global warming 


Мировая бедность — стоковое фото


The modern inhabitant of Earth - the powerless observer of the steadily coming nearer  catastropheglobal warming of a climate. Cause of the future catastrophe is the uncontrollability of water temperature (temperature of World Ocean). 

As here the leading role is played by water, then the trajectories of an exit from the dangerous situation it is necessary to search in the yet not opened secrets of water. Really such still is? It appears is. Among them one of the most inveterate secrets is cavitation. Till now there are no protection resorts from the cavity erosion of the details, working in water. Till now there is a duality in the theory of the mechanism of fracture of materials in water. It is not known, why sonoluminescence originates at bubble cavitations.

It is possiblly, disclosing of these secrets, will allow not only to solve the problems of cavitation of fluid, but also will specify new trajectories of guidance of water temperature. We will try to open these and others secrets on the basis of the Unified Theory of Nature. If the Unified Theory, featured in the present blog, is true, she should be able to specify the trajectories and protection resorts  of mankind from the specified catastrophe. Let's verificate its force and universality. (Secrets of water and The energy generator see). 




9.The Unified Theory - difficulties of its making   


The history of making of an unified theory has begun very much for a long time.The ancients already found elements  of substance its unity, which as though created the around World. They are water, fire, air, earth. 

 The long-term time has transited and this unity began to disappear. The concerned thinkers have started to search, what elements are the initial for these former elemental objects? They have started to divide the earth, water, air into the parts, which have termed as atoms, that is not divisible. And here the success – combining the detected atoms, began to gain almost all known variety of subjects and materials. However and this success has appeared also temporary. First, the mysterious fire was not the divisible, secondly, there were new inexplicable puzzles. All this strongly distressed. It was necessary to initiate with division of the indivisible, that is atom. Have shattered in thoughts and in experiments the atom - was gained by new elements - corpuscles: an electron, a proton, a neutron. Joyfully declared: «Now all!». It has appeared, that and now not all. The quantity, termed as the elemental, corpuscles grew steadily. Therefore to term their as the elemental it became inconvenient, and sometimes, and it is indecently.  

Again it was necessary to initiate with the crushing. However, this crushing could be carried out only in thoughts. As though they have gained corpuscles quarks, from which, as though, consists both a proton, and a neutron. However puzzles did not become less. Moreover everything is divided not, even in thoughts, as that it is necessary to divide, it appears is not present - the electron "is spread" round a proton - it as though, most is not present. Line end. 

The second trajectory of search of unity has originated not from subject medium: earth, water, air, but from vision (perception) apart - from existence of light, sound, warmth. The medium, in which these phenomena exist, has been termed. This medium have termed by ether. But the ether could not detect in any way again. Then there was the concept "field", in which there was an operation from distance. However the field has appeared not unified. The electric field, the magnetic field, the electromagnetic field, the gravitational field was revealed. They have tried to unite them – till now these tryings are vain. The second line end

How to find a way out of these line ends? It is obviously, that  necessary to go by a new trajectory. But it is possible, only if to return back. However how it difficultly and physically, and morally! After all it is transited so much and was fanfares so much! Besides, to be returned back, means, to recognise the errors. But who is capable of it? The very few, but it is necessary to go against the many

The author of this site, accustomed to the fierce resistance of the natural environment (About the author see), dared to take an unconventional path (Working out of the Unified Theory see).





   10.N.Tesla about an Unified Theory and the Unified Theory of Nature 

                                                      I devote this paper to the city of my dream Colorado-Sprinps                                            

                                                 Colorado. Here created N.Tesla


Surprisingly, but a series of representations of N.Tesla about Nature coincides with standings of the featured here Unified Theory in a certain measure. This is the standing about ether existence. This is the statement about the vortex character of a motion of ether. This is the representation about electromagnetic waves as the longitudinal-cross oscillations of ether.

However the standings about essence ether on N.Tesla and under the Unified Theory - are the cardinally various. Besides, in the Unified Theory the essence of ether is detected as a result of enough deep the physics-philosophical analysis (look "Gravitation, how its secret has been revealed" and Substance), while at N.Tesla the ether is simply accepted, that leaves it the mysterious.

Ether vortex motion at N.Tesla also is primely accepted. But how it proceeds and how the various vortexes motions mutually co-exist, it is not known. In the Unified Theory ether vortex motions are proved, classified and mutually co-ordinated. 

The longitudinal-cross character of oscillations of ether in electromagnetic waves at N.Tesla also is not proved. The deep-seated essence of these oscillations is not erected also. In the Unified Theory, on the contrary, all it is featured ("Electromagnetic wave" see)

In other base standings about Nature the representation of N.Tesla even more differ from the standings of the Unified Theory. So, N.Tesla accepts, that World is the five-measured. The Unified Theory  groundedly proves its three-dimensionality(Time and Time Machin see). He foggy enough specifies, that the substance is the developing process of excitations of ether and the material World is formed by the standing waves in ether. The author of the Unified Theory does not specify, but in a result of the uneasy theoretical examination detects, that World is formed by the maternal and the vortex ether ("Substance" see).

N.Tesla considers, that Time is created from ether and it has a course, which direction can be changed. Under the Unified Theory the Time is not created from anything. Time - the false co-ordinate of a motion ("Time and Time Machine" see). The law of a resonance is accepted by N.Tesla as the general natural law, which bottom is considered the electromagnetism. By that he considered, that the electromagnetism is related to Gravity. However the resonance originates in the fluctuating systems, but in Nature it is exist also aperiodic processes, for example, explosion, fall, collision, etc. From this it follows, that the resonance law cannot be the general natural law. Besides, under the Unified Theory  the electromagnetism is not related absolutely to Gravitation ("electromagnetic waves" and "Gravity is not an attraction" see).

Cosmological concepts of N.Tesla and its most significant technical ideas have been used at trying of making of the invisibility of the sea-craft. According to N.Tesla's representations it was considered, the antigravitational field and a motion in Time will be gain by that.

The experiment has rendered the extremely strong physical and mental action on the participants of the experiment. Thereupon it was informed about the passage of the person through a wall and about travel to Time. However the cause of the effects of the experience, as then it became clear, was the rather high level of energy. It was visible on the soldered in a board of the vessel the bodies, and on the handfuls of ashes from bodies. The specified cause has proved to be true further from the experiences of liberation of considerable quantities of nuclear energy. As appears from above stated, the specified experience on N.Tesla, has not confirmed neither makings of the invisibility, nor the antigravity, nor the motion in Time.

Certainly, N.Tesla has given to the contemporaries and the subsequent generations the variety of the major technical inventions, which have essentially advanced the development of a human society. However it is obvious, that N.Tesla concepts are not capable to solve the global and new ripened problems of Mankind. Here instances of these problems.

These are the protection of mother Earth against dangerous asteroids, protection of the occupied territories against destructive tornadoes, against earthquakes. These are the Gravity control and Inertia, prevention of the air crashes, which the quantity increases. This is the reception of a considerable quantity of energy for maintenance of life of Mankind on Earth. These are the travels to a near Space. These are the guidance of sea currents, cyclones and antycyclones. These are protection against the global warming, protection against the snow banks. This is an operative quenching of forest fires. This is the navigation in ices irrespective of a season of year. This is the voiding of cities of a smog. This is the refund of the territories, which have flooded by the conservation reservoirs of the river plants and the atomic power stations.  These are protection of the occupied territories against high waters, against a tsunami. This is reception of enough of the sweet water.

The specified extremely important for survival of Mankind modern problems capable to solve the Unified Theory of Nature only. 



11. Unified Theory of Nature tames cyclones and tornado 



The Unified Theory of Nature allows to develop methods controlling cyclones and tornadoes. Obviously, the most effective methods will be those that will allow to control the development of these vortices in the initial phase of their nucleation. Here is one of these methods. 

In the mother cloud the ether-drop pump turns on before tornado development (see Hurricane and ether-drop pump). The cloud begins to unload from the water - it melts and ceases to be maternal. No mother - no mother in childbirth - no tornado.

For the cyclone. In the array of accumulated atmospheric water occupying a large area (see Tropical cyclone), include air-drop pumps. The mass of water in this zone falls. The filtration permeability of the zone for ether increases (see the attraction - not attraction). The antigravity effect of the zone on the region near the surface of the Earth is reduced. The pressure in this area starts to increase. The cause of the cyclone disappears.
An air-drop pump here has a second impact on the dangerous cyclone zone. The pump in the area of its action creates a downward flow of air. This stream inevitably spreads around the surface of the Earth towards the streams of a cyclone beginning to form (see above "Tropical cyclone"). As a result, the movement of air that began to form toward the center of the vortex is extinguished.  The development of the cyclone is inhibited in the embryo (see above, "Hurricane and ether-drop pump").

To maximize the efficiency of the described method, as well as to prevent significant wind speeds in the process of their extinguishing, the ether-drop pump should be started before the cyclone reaches the mainland.



12.The Unified Theory against dark matter



For a long time thinkers were occupied with the question - is available whether something between observable celestial bodies? From old times have come to the conclusion – something is. Have termed it "something" as a mater and have soon named it "Ether". The concept of an ether has existed many centuries. However in the end of 19 centuries it has been declared - an ether is not present, and Space represents bodies and corpuscles, moving in vacuo. There was also A.Ejnshtejn on this position. However there was soon such assemblage of complexities with vacuum, that it was necessary to refuse it. And how to refuse, if the experience of A.Majkelson-E.Morli have been declared, as the certificate of the truth of vacuum? Then the representation about vacuum have complicated and have made double-aspect - vacuum is, but it is not present. They have termed this vacuum, which is not vacuum, as the physical vacuum. In the physicist it became very heavy. 

It became much heavier in connection with detection of two more kinds of a matter - matter and antimatter. It has rather complicated real representation about Universe. To the already available duality of the substance, caused by physical and unphysical vacuum, one more duality was added.   

Sufferings of physics have not ended on it. There was a representation about existence of one more kind of a matter,  which is detected only on its indirect action. By that it was impossible to see the new matter. They have termed this matter - «Dark matter» (Universe without a dark matter see). Stephen Hawking in the theory of everything so is the supporter of existence of a dark matter.

Presence of such quantity of kinds of the matter has extremely complicated the further comprehension by a man of world around. Especially great difficulties have originated in connection with occurrence of the concept of the dark matter

Namely in connection with a dark matter it is necessary to score the following. The mankind very needs in the trusty calculations of celestial motion, especially the potentially dangerous. Therefore secret of a dark matter it is necessary by all means, to open. Accordingly further at planning of flights of  a man to other stars the necessity increases in many times.

What has led the physics to a dark matter? The guess that it is, has originated on the basis of detection of the galactics with an abnormal high speed of gyration of their exterior fields. Without special oscillations this fact has been explained by the gravitational activity of the invisible substance, which are in these galaxies. However the secret of this matter is not solved till now.

Till now there is no certain notion of essence of a dark matter. They guessed  the various alternatives of its composition. Considered, that it consists of the usual baryonsubstance, but for any parents possesses feeble electromagnetic properties. What are the parents? It is not known. Considered, that it consists from neutrino. However the neutrino has no mass! Considered, that it is the physical vacuum agency. By that the energy of vacuum defined as a scalar field. After all, how from the scalar field there was the vector field (gravitational)? Magnetic monopoleswere considered also. However a magnetic monopole - the ghost. Then, how it is possible to build a building on the illusive base!? It was supposed also that the dark matter represents the linear extended objects - the space strings, possessing the enormous mass. However these strings – the hypothetical objects also.

The parent of existence of the concept of a dark matter are the not opened other puzzles of Universe and a physics irregularity. So, the distributions of radial velocities of galaxies in galactic aggregations, and of stars and globe aggregations in galaxies were studied. However till now are unknown neither direction of the gyration of galaxies, nor the orientation of their planes of the gyration.

The applied calculations of allocation of mass of gas in aggregations on the basis of  X-rays also are not trusty. It is caused by that on an each step of such uneasy calculation the errors are multiplied because of inexactness of the used characteristics of processes.

The method of gravitational lensing, grounded on an image deformation of more remote galaxies, has no proof that the deformations originate because of Gravitation.  

The analysis given above puzzles of physics on the basis of the Unified Theory leads to following solutions. So, it is erected that the exterior fields of galaxies are not rotated (Where spiral galaxies rotate see) more promptly of  the interior, but leak on a curveto the galactic centre. Therefore the increased velocity of a motion of stars in this field is developed from the velocity of gyration of a kern of galaxy plus the velocity of fluxion of an ether, affluenting in this kern (The differential circumrotatory speed see).  

Then, firstly, the velocities of the various regions of a galaxy will be the greater, than we are closer to the center of the galaxy. Secondly, because of this same vortex character of a galaxy, the speed of movement of its outer parts will be greater than the calculations of modern celestial mechanics. So no dark matter is needed with its riddles and its inaccessible secrets! By that any the additional Gravity for confinement  of stars in Galaxy here is required. The travel of these stars in galaxy is caused by their organic existence in the leaking ether of macrovortex - Galaxy (Fig. 49 see).

About vacuum. According to the Unified Theory any neither physical, nor other empty spaces in Nature are not present (Ether see). There is a Space filled with  the maternal and vortex ether ("Ether" see too). The vortexes can have the right or left traversal gyration of an ether, that is, can posses the plus or negative charge. Here it is  a matter and an antimatter.

A galaxy represents an ether macrovortex. This macrovortex in process of approach from periphery to centre becomes more and more dense (Pressure growth in a galaxy and a star see). Then it represents a usual optical lens for light (electromagnetic) beams. The same optical lens is also the aggregation of galaxies. From this it follows that the distortons of space images are caused by optical aberrations, but not the gravitational attraction of a mysterious dark matter. Besides, the beam curvature can in addition is increased  for the account of fluxion of an ether in the field of a macrovortex (The cause is not Gravity see).

Thus, the secret of a dark matter is opened. The Unified Theory has allowed to make it. The dark matter is not present. At flights of a man in Space it is not necessary to be afraid of its unexpected agency. The flights in Space can trusty be grounded on the Unified Theory. Accordingly, the calculations of a motion of dangerous bodies of Space can be executed with split-hair accuracy 




13Disaster prevention  at the nuclear power plants   

The explosion of an atomic station is a сatastrophe for humanity. Atomic power station explosions originate in the conditions of nuclear reactor excessive heating.

Cooling of the modern atomic boilers is carried out by water, pumping in the reactor chamber. A fatal deficiency of an existing expedient is small efficiency of cooling of the reactor in breakdown regimes. It is caused by low thermal conductivity of water and small velocity of its transportation. In an existing expedient of cooling the large supplies of fresh not warmed water are required. But as these reserves are on the considerable distance from the reactor it is impossible to put water operatively from a place of its storage to the reactor. All it in aggregate leads to atomic power station explosions - catastrophe.

Water from the mentioned conservation reservoir, which has natural temperature, is used for cooling of a condenser of the atomic power station. Delivery of a major water discharge from the conservation reservoir and the subsequent dumping of waste warm water in a surrounding medium is required for a condenser. Building of such conservation reservoirs, occupying major territory, essentially breaks ecological equilibrium of medium. Besides, as energy of a nuclear reactor is spent for heating of the dumped water, then efficiency of the reactor decreases accordi



The new expedient of cooling is grounded that in certain requirements water thermal energy can be selected passing thermal conductivity process. Prompt takeoff of thermal energy of a fluid in the new expedient is made on the basis of use of the natural phenomenon, opened by the Unified Theory of Nature «Heat-mechanical shock in a fluid» (The expedient of reception of energy see). All theories of everything do not give the solution.

At origination of the heat-mechanical shock in water there is a reorganisation of structure of water. By that the water thermal energy transfers in energy of the tensioned chains of molecules. It leads to the shock wave occurrence, which energy is formed of water thermal energy.

At maintenance of tap of energy of this shock the fluid temperature in the specified band sharply decreases. By that the processes of reorganisation of structure of a fluid and the subsequent motion of a shock wave proceed with a sound velocity in a fluid. Thus, tap of thermal energy of a fluid can be made with enormous velocity in comparison with known velocities of transport.

The cooling expedient consists that the additional water contour, joined to the free space in the reactor, is inducted into a nuclear reactor. A pair of parallel plates from the rigid material on an arcuation are placed in this contour, and also in a water contour of the condenser. The plates are removed from each other and approached smoothly periodically. By that one extremity of each plate with the same name leads of second at a motion of plates on a mutual distance and rapprochement. In the end of the mutual distance of plates velocity of a distance sharply is increased and then reduced (the Expedient of reception of energy look).

In the water, inhausted by the specified motion of plates, i.e. in space between them, there is a heat-mechanical shock. The specified shock is transmitted a surface of the plates. At use for takeoff of the gained mechanical energy, for example, the piezoelectric transducer with an electromechanical force factor 0,7, the  energy of water and accordingly the temperature, in the range its liquid state, is downgraded on 70 %. So at the starting temperature of cooling water 40 0 C,  after of passage of one operation period of plates, for example 1 c, the water temperature, pushed out by the plates, will be equal 40 0 C – 40 0 C ∙ 0,7 = 12 0 C.

For prompt decrease in water temperature to temperature of close to a limit of its liquid state it is enough to erect the same plates after  the specified and to start them in operation by the specified expedient. For prompt decrease of water temperature in greater volume the quantity of pairs of plates is increased, these pairs erected in consecutive order and parallellyin the contour and start them in operation simultaneously.

Thus, the expedient allows to select promptly (passing slow processes of transportation of water and thermodynamic processes of a heat transfer) heat from the technological medium - the water, which are flowing about the reactor. It sharply brakes a nuclear reactor at its trying to get out a normal thermal regime, preventing atomic power station explosion. In a normal operating regime of the atomic power station such takeoff of heat from water in a condenser gives an additional energy output, that will essentially raise efficiency of the reactor.

The featured expedient allows to transfer to the closed circuital integral cooling system of a condenser without water dump in the conservation reservoir, that will excludel requirement of the atomic power station for the conservation reservoir and accordingly will exclude  surrounding medium heating, which will reduce the danger of global warming.

The expedient of cooling of a nuclear reactor can be used also in all views of liquid-cooled engines, including in rocket engines, that will essentially raise efficiency  of the drive in the absence of heat dissipation in a surrounding medium.  




14. Gravity and Inertia сontrol the dangerous natural phenomena 


In the Unified Theory of Nature it is erected that existence - life (Life - stability look) of any object and phenomenon is grounded on Gravitation (Secret of occurrence of life look) and Inertia (Inertia as the property, a consequence 1 look). From this it follows that Gravity and Inertia are all-powerful. It means, to affect any life-threatening object, the phenomenon and process is possible through Gravity and Inertia. For a man the most vitally dangerous natural phenomenon is collision of Earth with an asteroid. From the local planetary phenomena eruptions of burning mountains and earthquakes, global warming, a glaciation, cyclones, tornado, forest fires, floodings, droughts are most dangerous.

It is obvious that it is possible to control forest fires, floodings and droughts (weather), if you are able to control cyclones. From this it follows that for binding control you still have asteroids, eruptions of burning mountains and earthquakes, a climate (warming and a glaciation), cyclones and a tornado. 

Possibility of use of power of Gravity and Inertia for action on the specified phenomena rests against knowledge of deep-seated essence of the specified natural phenomena and processes. The essence of Gravitation and Inertia, and also control by them is opened in the Unified Theory and comprehended by you in papers (Gravitation - not an attraction, Control of Gravity, The essence of Inertia, Control of Inertia see). We will view, how, using Gravity and Inertia, you can control a climate, weather, burning mountains and earthquakes, asteroids.   

Climate can be controlled through action on temperature of Ocean, seas and oceanic fluxions. 

Weather - through action on cyclones and a tornado. 

Burning mountains and earthquakes - through change of pressure in magma. 

Asteroids - through their diversion from a dangerous path or their inhibiting action. 


Unique methods of control  

You can carry out control of water temperature for the account of use of heat-mechanical shock, which is based on Gravitation and Inertia. You have comprehended essence of this shock in papers (Energy of water, the expedient of reception of energy, the energy generator see).

Action on cyclone you carry out for the account of the anticipating development of it (for example, for a sea typhoon) or the periodic dispersed (so, not the dangerous) reliefs of the extensive cyclone from water over continent.  

It is known that the cyclone occupies very major territory in the plot, and the place of its exit on continent has the casual character. Then guidance of a cyclone by the stationary kettles, erected on Earth, will carry out difficult and expensively. Therefore here use of mobile kettles – gravekettles (Gravekettle "Drill" look) will be the most effective. Their very high mobility, in comparison with mobility of a cyclone, will allow you to serve operatively by the several kettles all territory, occupied with a cyclone.


Cordilleras - a fine place for basing of the gravekettles on duty


Termed gravekettles will, from time to time, unload the cyclone by the soft fertile rains in process of its motion over continent. It is carried out by means of the ether-drop pump on your commands or under the given program. Thus,  the possibility of making on Earth of "a paradise climate» is unclosed for you. 

Fracture of the beginning to be shaped concentrated cyclone (typhoon) is carried out by special floodlights with an electromagnetic dispersing beam of certain frequency. Such the floodlight are erected on vessels and gravekettles. 

Action on a tornado is carried out only for the account of the anticipating development of it. You can anticipate development of a tornado for the account of relief from water of the already generated parent cloud by the ether-drop pump. You have comprehended this pump in the paper «Hurricane and the ether-drop pump". 

Besides, you can anticipate development of the parent cloud for the account of its fracture in the beginning of formation by action on the cloud by the electromagnetic floodlight with a dispersing beam.  

If tornadoes have favourite places of their origination and a path of motion (for example, among mountain ridges), then you can exclude their development by action of the stationary installations, which had on Earth. In the majority of cases an effective remedy will be, as well as with cyclones, persons on duty gravekettles, which construction you have comprehended in the paper "Gravity control". 

Pressure decrease in magma in a band of a dangerous burning mountain or an earthquake can be carried out through the safety, next to the given territory, anticipatory eruptions. Besides, to drive pressure decrease in magma of a dangerous territory it is possible by decrease of the general gravitational pressure on earth crust in more remote territory from the dangerous territory.  

You can execute the unloading eruption of magma by decrease of Gravity over the chosen local territory. It is carried out by installation on the  surface of the given territory of the antigravitational shield or over the given territory of the antigravitational umbrella, which the essence you have comprehended in paper "Gravity control". You execute the specified local eruption easier and better, if in the given place will create an artificial local earthquake. For this purpose you can develop N.Tesla's known installation. The bark of Earth will be cracked much easier and only in the planned place with the unloading escaping of magma on a surface. Even more to restrict the territory of local earthquake, round the chosen place it is possible to settle an undular barrier. 

Decrease in hydrostatical pressure at the specified eruption will lead to redistribution of this pressure in the plot under a bark of Earth and to its decrease under the potentially dangerous territory. So you can secure the American continent against the extremely dangerous burning mountain "Yellow Stone" and the expected earthquake in California. 

                                                                                                                                           To salvage beauty of California


Effectively to affect an asteroid it is possible as follows. You can meet an asteroid long before its dangerous approach to Earth. You easily carry out it, using  space velocity  of the gravekettle, which two constructions: "Drill" and "Umbrella"  you have comprehended in papers: «Gravekettle Drill» and «The aircraft Umbrella». Inertia control of the gravekettle allows it at approach to an asteroid instantaneous without collision to moor to an asteroid. Then for the account of exclusion of Inertia of the asteroid to lead the asteroid to the instantaneous stop. It is necessary to score, what even partial decrease of Inertia of an asteroid gives a major positive effect. So, the subsequent gravitational traction of the moored to an asteroid gravekettle will easily change a dangerous path of the asteroid. Decrease of Inertia without engaging of the specified gravitational traction allows to make the asteroid landing by soft. 

It is possible, using the antigravitational shield, only partially to disconnect Gravity of an asteroid. Then even this unique activity will lead to loss of former acceleration at asteroid approach to Earth. The fractures from its collision with Earth become harmless. 

All it specifies in real possibility of finding by the person of power in the modern dangerous living conditions. At the same time the developed management methods have the special, rather not simple, trajectories of engineering embodying. They are gained by the author. About that, these solutions not so are simple, as it seems. It is enough  to look at one of the gained engineering solutions (look papers: "Energy of water", "the Expedient of reception of energy", "the energy generator"). Author from the certain reasons does not publish here the other engineering solutions in details, leaving them in the capacity of "Now How".     



15. The Unified Theory unriddles of aurora borealis and magnetic-poles of Earth



Till now the aurora borealis and magnetic-poles of Earth store variety of secrets. Can-whether solve them the Unified Theory? Here these secrets. 

Why the aurora borealis can look like beams, strips, a corona, curtains? After all the solar wind, which the modern science considers as the parent of auroras, has no such shapes! 

It is not known, why the aurora can dance, as tongues of flame. After all intensity of a solar wind does not change with such frequency and in such rhythm! 

Why in the field of an arctic pole the auroras are very frequent, but at southern  is more rare? After all  it is indifferent to a solar wind where to ionise an aerosphere! 

Why the aurora suddenly appears and also suddenly disappears? After all intensity of a solar wind builds up not abruptly, but smoothly enough! 

Why directions of the drawn out shapes of auroras do not coincide with the direction of a stream of a solar wind and why auroras are drawn down close to a vertical

Why the auroras are more often observed in frosty nights? After all the low temperature at a surface of Earth changes nothing for a solar wind. 

Why the sounds, appearing simultaneously with origination of aurora, are audible at the altitude of several tens metres from a surface of Earth? After all the aurora originates at the altitude 100 - 150 kilometres. 

Why the straight line, pairing Northern and Southern poles of Earth, does not intercross centre of Earth? After all, according to the modern science, the magnetic dipole in a kern of Earth should be symmetrical concerning centre of Earth? 

Why Northern and Southern magnetic-poles wander on a surface of Earth? 


Obviously, agency of a solar wind on auroras exists, however its role in origination of auroras not main, but only promoting (for the account of rise of general ionisation of an aerosphere). The leading role, as ascertained by the Unified Theory, plays the natural magnetic field of Earth

So, in Earth the ether microvortexes pump forms cylindrical microvortexes (spirals) of an ether. Then the diameter of such spiral will be equal to an interior size of an ether microvortex torus. Accordingly, the velocity of gyration and of translation of the originated cylindrical microvortex will be equal to the velocity of longitudinal and  cross motion of ether in the formed it the torus microvortex. From the Unified Theory follows that this velocity rather major (How the neutron star  was formed look). 

From the Unified Theory of Nature follows that as soon as these cylindrical microvortexes originate, here at once originate  dissimilarities of the parent ether. Then this dissimilarity starts to be levelled by flowing of the parent ether in the formed cylindrical. Thus in process of origination of the cylindrical microvortexes they become at once the steady structures. Existence of these microvortexes, as well as the torus microvortexes ("How the neutron star was formed" look), is supported for the account of flowing  in them of the parent ether, that is their harmonious inscribing in the parent ether.  

In the Unified Theories it is erected (Coexistence of vortexes look) the planes polarised by gyration of Earth of torus microvortexes coincide with the plane of gyration of Earth. Besides, the plane of each such torus is orthogonal to the cylindrical microvortex, formed by it. Then the specified cylindrical microvortexes, formed in the Earth, will stream behind its limits vertically in the field of geographical poles of Earth. From the Unified Theory follows (Formation of planets look) that here their stream will be is squeezed by a gravitating parent ether, affluenting in Earth from all its sides.  It leads to magnetic-pole formation ("Magnetic field of Earth" look). 

According to the Unified Theory there is a dissimilarity on periphery of such vertical condensed stream of spiral microvortexes ("Dissimilarities" look). Then the density of the ether from sides of the squeezed stream will be various. As a result all stream will continuously move in the plot towards smaller density of the ether in the field of a geographical pole. 

From the essence of mass, erected by the Unified Theory of Nature (look Microwortexes - the essence of mass), it is followed the mass and sizes of the specified stream, in comparison with an individual cylindrical microvortex, are considerable. Therefore at a small difference of the specified densities this travel will occur rather slowly, at a major promptly. As a result the magnetic-pole will move about the geographical pole of Earth. As origination of the specified dissimilarities  is not determined, then they are stochastic. Then the mentioned travel also stochastic - a magnetic-pole moves in a random way - wanders. From this it follows  the straight line, pairing Northern and Southern magnetic-poles, practically will never transit through the centre of Earth. 

As the specified stream has the considerable sizes in the plot (look above), then the difference of the specified densities can be rather considerable. In this case the walk of a magnetic-pole of Earth can attain rather great values. 

From the stated follows that while the cylindrical microvortexes of ether are propelled in Earth, they are parted by the polarised torus microvortexes (forming the specified microvortx  pump, look above). After an exit of the cylindrical microvortexes from a solid body on an arctic pole of Earth these boundaries disappear. Analogously they are not parted and before an inlet to Earth on an antarctic pole. 

Then everyone such thin with steady cylindrical shape the ether spiral becomes labile on an arcuation. Therefore she starts to rush about in a random way in sides. As a result the cylindrical ether microvortexes will be collided by lateral surfaces from time to time. On an arctic pole these collisions will be are redoubled with Gravity (look above), which acts towards to a rising cylindrical ether microvortex. From this it follows that collisions here will originate more often. 

By the Unified Theory it is erected that at collision of two equal torus microvortexes they, being repelled (look Pushing away of charges), keep away from each other. In turn above it is revealed that for any pair of the featured colliding cylindrical microvortexes is not present  possibilities of such cross distance (look overhead about magnetic-pole formation). Therefore the cylindrical microvortexes appear the drive into each other  by  their lateral surfaces. As a result there are requirements for transformation of the contacting microvortexes. The following mechanism of their transformation ("Coexistence of vortexes" see) streams from the Unified Theory. This transformation occurs by an overflowing of ether from one microvortex in another. At the moment of such overflowing there is an unwinding of one of the cylindrical microvortexes by its transition in the next cylindrical vortex, which increments the diameter by that. Because of magnification of the mass («Microvortexes - the essence of mass» see) the new microvortex will retard velocity of fluxion of ether. It means decrease of velocity of its gyration. Therefore further the next small microvortxes will be unreeled on the originated increased microvortex ("Coexistence of vortexes" see).  

The originated vortex because of greater its diameter gains major stability on an arcuation. It leads to ability of its uprise on major altitude. With altitude magnification of the specified cylindrical microvortex the quantity of the thin microvortexes, unreeled on it, will be increased. Therefore at certain altitude the traversal size of the originated microvortex becomes comparable with a diameter of atoms and molecules of aerosphere. It leads to that its circumrotatory moment gains ability to be transmitted to outermost orbits of atoms, raising their excitation. The electrons of the outermost orbits start to transfer to lower level - electro-magnetic waves (Formation of the electromagnetic waves see) are radiated. The aerosphere starts to be shone - beginning the specified altitude and above, there is an aurora. 

The further uprise of the increased cylindrical microvortex of ether leads to gradual decrease of its velocity of gyration (look above). As a result, its ability to an aerosphere electrization decreases. As the specified process of decreasing of ability proceeds gradually with magnification of altitude of its uprise, then the electrization upper bound will be spread. 

As soon as formation process of a greater cylindrical microvortex has begun, the vortex starts to move over a surface of Earth parallelly to itself. It (look above) originates from smaller velocity of a motion of ether in the greater microvortex, than in the next smaller. Smaller velocity of ether on all length of the greater vortex leads to greater pressure of ether, than on the next smaller with greater linear velocity of a motion of ether. As a result ether will overflow from the smaller vortex with major pressure, on the parallel it the greater vortex with smaller pressure.  

It is obvious the specified smaller vortex will place relatively of the greater casually. Then the greater vortex, calling light emission, will move towards of the parallel it smaller in a random way and parallelly to itself. As a result the increased microvortex – a shone beam will retrace cylindrical figures of the casual shape in an aerosphere: beams, strips, a corona, curtains. 

As aurora origination is preceded by the random processes, specified above, the aurora will suddenly appear and also suddenly to disappear. 

The upper bound of such light emission because of the specified accident of connection of the smaller microvortexes to the major will change also the unpredictable fashion - the aurora will dance on altitude. 

Because of more frequent collisions of the cylindrical microvortexes on an arctic pole (look above) the aurora borealiswill be more frequent, than the austral. Besides, as the cylindrical ether microvortexes on northern pole get out Earth, but on the southern enter, then austral  auroras will have other differences also. 

It is known that at lower temperatures of air the atmospheric pressure is raised. Air density will be more accordingly. Then it will lead to the following. It is specified above, that a gravitating parent ether drive into each other of cylindrical microvortexes consistenter in the field of both geographical poles. Then it will lead to their more frequent collisions and accordingly, to their more frequent integratings (look above) and accordingly, to more frequent originations of an aurora. 

Because of vertical position of the cylindrical microvortexes of ether at their outflowing from Earth (look above) the orientation of the drawn out lights will be close to the vertical. 

It is above erected, that cylindrical microvortexes of ether are pushed out Earth with a great speed and rush about here and there by that. Then there will be acoustic waves at their vibrational collisions with an elastic aerosphere in the field of their exit from Earth. 

Thus, the secrets of aurora borealis and magnetic-poles of Earth have solved by the Unified Theory oe Nature. All known theories of everything do not give any solutions. 



16. What gave the discovery of the essence of Gravitation 


Author erects essence of Gravitation (Gravitation is not an attraction see). The mechanism of this phenomenon is mustered in special experiments (Inertia and Gravitation - unique experiences see). However author not so much was delighted by experimental verification of the discovered essence Gravitation, how the discovered essence is confirmed by the fruitfulness of its discovery. Its essence has allowed to explain a major series of physical, astonomical, meteorological and other phenomena and properties of the Material World (including the inexplicable before!). Look at them.

So, on the basis of the open essence of Gravitation the major in the physicist the solution is gained - 4 known capricious fundamental interactings are related together.

The inexplicable surprising paradox of planet OGLE-ТВ56в is eliminated. The deep-seated essence of magnetic field, till now mysterious, is unclosed. It has allowed to open at once also variety of distressing scientists of secrets of the aurora borealis.

On the basis of essence of Gravitation the deep-seated essence of a chemical bond is unclosed. It has allowed to open for a long time existing the secret of origination and disappearrance of substance, secret of the barrier effect, the puzzle of a multiplicity of a charge of fundamental particles.

On the basis of the open essence Gravitation the secrets of cyclone  and anticyclone that has allowed to find trajectories of making of trusty protection and rescue from hurricanes and safety flights in cyclone  are opened.

The opened essence of Gravitation has unveiled secrets globe and a streak lightning, that allows to gain well-tried remedies of protection against lightnings and to drive lightnings.

The Gravitation mechanism has opened old puzzles of a tornado and has specified trajectories of guidance of a tornado.

On this bottom puzzles of lunar tides, incurving of edge of a disk of Galactic, a puzzle of the scattered and globe aggregations of stars, a leaving of stars from globe aggregations are solved also.

On the basis of the detected essence of Gravitation secrets of neutron stars, secrets of "a black hole», secret of emissions of substance from centre of Galactics, secret of a magnetic field of the Earth and a lot of any other secrets are opened also.

Thus, the truth of the concept of Gravitation is proved by the well-tried remedies. The best expedients of the demonstration of true does not happen.

Accordingly the essence of Gravitation, featured in the site allows author and those who has attentively familiarised with the site materials, not only to develop on its bottom antigravitational kettles, but also to be assured of physical practicability of these kettles.

The stated bottoms of making of gravekettles give the unattainable before the possibility of protection from dangerous asteroids. The velocity, of the featured here developed gravekettles, can attain the velocity of an asteroids. Therefore there is a possibility of realisation of lateral action on an asteroid in the course of a motion a parallel heading.

However, the technical possibility to meet an asteroid long before its approach to Earth would be even more effective and then to catch up with it, following behind. If to catch up with an asteroid at approach to it, then for the guidance of its flight it is possible to use the gravekettle "Umbrella", featured here in the paper with the same name. By that there is no necessity of contact to the asteroid. But at once there is the question: how to catch up with an asteroid, if the velocity of an asteroid is equal to the velocity of maternal ether, leaking to Earth (Speeds of movement in Universe see), and the velocity of gravekettle does not exceed of this velocity (Velocity of gravekettle see). The Unified Theory gives such solutions (see more low), but all known theories of everything not give.



17Unified Theory of Nature and designing of flying antigravitational kettles 


According to the Unified Theory of Nature antigravitational kettles should affect at the stream of a gravitating ether, in which the specified kettle gets. In the given requirements this stream is guided to Earth. 



The following expedients of action at gravitating ether have erected ("Gravity control "see): 

1. By an artificial stream of ether - a magnetic flux

2. By stream of the free microvortexes of ether - free electrons

3. By travel of the bound microvortexes (body travel). 

By that the activity of ether on a natural stream can be carried out in one of two directions: a) in the direction of the main stream of ether and b) across the main stream. We will view the specified cases. 

Case 1 a. In such combination the artificial magnetic flux will destroy the natural stream of ether by the activity. It will lead to exclusion of a filtering of the gravitating ether through the kettle, that does it the unweighable.

The specified magnetic flux can be created a constant magnet or the cylindrical reel reeled from a wire ("Gravity control" see).

Case 1 b. In this case the gravitating stream of ether deviates from the direction to Earth at its approach to the kettle. It excludes an ether filtering through the kettle so, Gravity disappears in it.

Here the magnetic flux can be created by a constant magnet, the cylindrical reel or by the densely reeled wire Archimedes spiral (Guidance of Inertia see).                                          

Cases 2 a and 2 b. Here the density and the electron stream cross-section should have rather great values. Therefore the electron stream is necessary for girdling. Thereupon the specified 2 cases are favourable for carrying out in unison. The motion of the dense electron stream towards or across the gravitating stream of an ether will create local return Gravity (Return Gravity look). The local Gravity will quench (case 2 a) the basic Gravity or to decline it (case 2 b) from the direction on the kettle.

For making of the electron stream with the specified performances  the use of materials in a regime of superconductivity and-or use of fine vacuum cabinets is required. 

Case 3 a. Travel of the bound microvortexes (body travel) towards to the main stream of an ether for the Gravity counteraction is impracticable in the kettles.

Case 3 b. Travel of the bound microvortexes across the gravitating stream of an ether leads to transformation of the basic Gravity to the local Gravity. This Gravity will be guided aside from the kettle.

The specified case can be carried out by gyration of the massive disk or the cylindrical ring ("Gravity control" see).  


18.Unified Theory of Nature and how to raise controllability and velocity of the gravekettles

By working out of the gravecettles, grounded on a diversion of a gravitating stream of a maternal ether (look above), it is necessary to increase, according to the Unifiued Theory of Nature, the velocity of microstreams of a magnetic ether. The specified velocity is caused by the charging velocity of gyration of the torus ether microvortexes in a magnet (What is the magnetic field? see). But as this velocity is stable, the specified problem can be solved by an additional motion of a magnetic ether in the direction of its fluxion, that is in the direction Z - N of a magnet. This activity magnificates viscous friction of the driving magnetic microstreams about a maternal ether, i.e. the power gravitational action to the maternal ether is increased. Controllability of a gravitating parent aether as a result raises. Controllability of the gravecettle raises accordingly.

Analysing features of known magnets, it becomes clear that the featured trajectory of raise of controllability with a direct rod magnet practically we can not execute. With a magnet - a plate also we will not execute. The parent of it is that in a direct magnet the current of ether microstreams is guided to one side, and outside - in two others. That is here it is necessary there are two ring ethero streams with their opposite direction.

With a known annular magnet the gyration concerning any of its three axes, including, concerning the Z- N, also will not solve the task in view - will not increase the velocity of a magnetic driving ether.

Studying of features of various magnetic objects shows, that there are magnetic objects, which only are similar to a magnet, but are not the magnet in its existing physical understanding. The long-term careful analysis of possibilities of their application for the specified problem has shown, that these objects allow to solve the problem, set by the Unified Theory of Nature. In this connection we will view the developed physically realizable constructions of gravecettles, in which the requirements of raise of their controllability, erected by the Unified Theory of Nature, and features of the termed magnetic objects are used (Prevention of the catastrophes see).



19. Travelings to Space and protection against fatal dangers

Featured in the head «Prevention of the catastrophes» the aircrafts, grounded on gravity control  (gravekettles), allow to carry out the most secret desires and dreams of a person. These are  protection against sudden dangers to Earth or the certain country and travelling on far-out planets. These are and resettlement in paradise places in Universe, and many other things of what a person dared to dream only. Each of developed gravekettles allows to attain the solution of a certain practical problem in the best way. It is caused by a degree conformity of a construction and functionality of the gravekettle to the purposes of its use. 


Let's view the comparative performances and application of developed on the basis of Unified Theory of Nature the gravekettles. See (Space aircraft Drill), (Space aircraft Umbrella), (Aircraft Sphere), (Space aircraft Cylinder), (Aircraft Curl), (Aircraft Tornado), (Aircraft "Wave"). 



20. Explosion of the supernova 



Recently on heads of scientists rather mysterious the secret has dropped. This secret wrecks even the most settled representations about life and death of stars. It is detected the supernova IPTF14hls, which blew up some times. The dead star dies again? What nonsense! Scientists of the Californian University admit, that similar recurring explosions of a supernova it would be possible to expect during the early Universe, instead of the present. The data about the supernova IPTF14hls contradicts not only to the modern representations about supernovas, but also to all Theory of Origin of Universe. We will open this and other secrets of supernovas (look Crab nebula).




21. The mysterious star 


The press reported that astronomers, studying the star MWC 758, faced a number of mysteries. It is established this is a young star. But it was found that the star is surrounded by material formation. This formation on the outer outline looks like  to a disk. The internal structure of the disk has a mysterious structure. Inside the disk is a cavity. The disk has two spiral arms. 

It has been suggested that the two arms of the disk are density waves arising from the presence of two planets near the star that have a significant mass. It is believed that one of these planets is closer to the star, the second is further. It is assumed that the near planet forms the internal cavity in the disk. It is also assumed that the more distant planet forms this spiral with two arms. In addition, this planet forms a dark ring between clots of dust outside the disk. It is believed that the disk emits dust.

However, what organized the material structure, is not reported. How it arose, it is not known. It originated before the formation of the star or after - it is not known. Why the structure, surrounding the star, has the shape of a disk is not known. Why the movement of the planet formed the cavity - not known. Why the supposed inner planet moves strictly in a circular orbit - it is not known. Why there should be waves when the planet moves, it is not known. What is the source of the dust is not known. Let's try to solve these puzzles on the basis of the nonsinglely confirmed  ability of the Unified Theory of Nature (Secrets of the star MWC 758 see).



                           22.Brain, information, aura  

                                                                                             To  Bruce Dixon (Los Angeles) I dedicate


The application of information in modern life is one of the most common. However, the  concept of information is still mysterious. There are many definitions of the concept of information, but all definitions are based on a purely phenomenological and purely utilitarian view of information. Information is considered and signals, and data, and knowledge, and ... The polysemy  of definition of information significantly inhibits the development of information science, which is the theoretical basis of computer technology. That is why the concept of information is still a subject of debate among scientists.  

By now only one incontestable truth has been established: information exists and it exists objectively, regardless of our consciousness. It was assumed that the information can be expressed both as a property of an object, and as a result of the interaction of objects. In connection with the established objectivity of the existence of information, many scientists came to the idea that information is an independent substance of the material World. Obviously Norbert Wiener also had such the view. He owns the expression: "Information is not matter and is not energy, information is information." However, the long search for evidence that information is an independent substance of the material World, proved to be unsuccessful.

The presence of a large number of definitions of information led of academician N.N. Moiseev to the tragic conclusion for the concept of information. He stated that because of the polysemy of the concept of information its the strict and sufficiently universal definition can not exist.

Thus, in modern science, a crisis situation arose: information exists objectively and has a clear universality, but it is impossible to give a universal definition of the concept of information.

The analysis of the problem shows that its cause lies, first, in the duality of the initial points on information - its platform. In modern science, until now it has not been finally decided: information is the property of all physical systems or information is the property of only self-organizing systems. As a result, in science, even the phenomenological view of information turned out to be vague. 

The second cause of the information problem is the unresolved problem of the deep essence of information. Obviously, this task is of fundamental importance for information. To solve it, we will use the Unified Theory of Nature. From the Unified Theory ("Working out of the Unified Theory" see), the following  streams. Everything in the World changes (1st fundamental property of the World see). Accordingly, the basis of the world - the ether (Substance and its physical properties see) changes. These are changes in the density of the maternal ether (Electromagnetic waves see), changes in the density of the vortex ether (sound waves, contacts of bodies see), changes in microvortex compounds (chemical composition of the substance, chemical bond  see). Then the information is the changes of the substance of the material World - changes of ether, as these changes have all the signs of information. This memory (due to the certainty of the changes in the ether). This is the ability to transform one type of information into another (due to the transitions of the changes between the maternal ether, the vortex and the microvortex compounds of the ether). This is the ability to move (due to the wave and convective processes that arise during these changes).

The above definition unites all the concepts of information, as well as the types of information that have been accepted by the way of perception (visual, sound, tactile, olfactory, gustatory). This definition also eliminates the existing duality of the information platform. Now you can finally affirm: information is the property of all material objects. Let's try to apply the established essence of information to one of the "stepdaughters" of modern science - aura.

Aura (or biofield) is the area that surrounds the human body, like a halo. Whatever may be said about the aura, but in modern life one can find its existence. So, the aura manifests itself as a protective shell of a person from the influence of an external information flow or even possess the conquering information radiation. It can be observed that the object of attacks is always the person who does not have a protective aura. He is defeated, humiliated, mocked, negotiating, charging, crying ... The absence of the shell or its weakness is revealed by the information radiated by you - your appearance: facial expression, posture, movements. Everyone feels this, even dogs, and therefore they do not react at all to some people, but always attack others. To have a protective aura, your appearance should not be fake. This kind is quickly recognized by others. The aura must be born from within, that is, it must have a foundation. What is this foundation?

It follows from the Unified Theory that the central nervous system (brain) - the system of chemically bound ordered microvortexes of the ether ("chemical bond" see above) - creates the envelope - the aura. It is because of the action of the central nervous system that the presence and strength of the aura is reflected in the expression of the face, posture , movements. According to the Unified Theory (What is the magnetic field? see), in the person. presented with Nature and/or a developed person in the brain many organized ordered internal micro streams of the maternal ether. This organization is carried out due to the local polarization of microvortexes, and hence, the ordering of local magnetic fields. This polarization is carried out due to the stability - Inertia (Space and Life and Inertia as the property see) of the object in the filtration, ordering and binding of external information. The three processes are the essence of strong-willed brain effort. If in the brain – the system of chemically coupled microvortexes ether the local magnetic fields are mutually ordered (the microvortices polarize), then the total internal magnetic field and electromagnetic radiation of the brain are amplified ("What is the magnetic field" and  "Electromagnetic waves" see above).  This is the mentioned above the aura foundation. In addition, the internal magnetic field of the brain polarizes the microvortexes of the neighboring space. An electric field arises (Еlectric field and its essence see) on the surface of the brain and around of it. These fields are the protective shell of man - the aura, which is fixed by extrasensors.

Hence the converse also follows. By external harmful information (electro-magnetic, sound, chemical, see above), you can destroy the harmonious internal organization of man. At the same time, harmful information will be information that does not harmonize with the established organization of the system of associated microvortexes ether, which is the character of the personality. Then even a gifted (developed) person becomes unstable - defenseless. It can be easily defeated - destroyed irretrievably. Accordingly, the less developed a person, the less mutual ordering of local magnetic fields, the easier it is to defeat such a person.



23. Unsolved mysteries of Sun 



In an article of the site (see Magnetic field of Sun), on the basis of the Unified Theory of Nature, a number of secrets of Sun are revealed. This is the secret of various angular velocities of Sun at the poles and the equator. The shape of the magnetic field in the form of an Archimedes spiral. The mystery of the sector structure of the equatorial zone of the magnetic field. However, there are still a number of other secrets that do not give rest to the researchers of Sun. 

There are these secrets. Why the inner layers of Sun rotate faster than the surface? Why the south pole of Sun colder than the north? How arises the magnetism of Sun? How is magnetism spread in plasma causing sunspots? What raises the solar wind? Why does matter fly away from Sun with an increase in speed from zero to n · 103 km / s? Why is the crown hotter than the inner surface of Sun? Why is the wind speed above streamers significantly less than over holes? Why do the flares appear on Sun – short-term emissions of fast electrons and protons with a powerful flux of electromagnetic radiation of different wavelengths? The Unified Theory of Nature allows you to unlock these secrets (Solar activity, Unified Theory see).



24. The emergence of the Universe 


Stephen Hawking, co-authored with Leonard Mlodinov in the book "The Grand  Design" indicates the following. “It’s not at all necessary to appeal to God  to start up the Universe” and also: “Since there is a law, such as gravity, the Universe can and will create itself out of nothing. “Spontaneous occurrence is the reason why there is something but not nothing, why the Universe exists, why we exist.” Wherein it is pointed out that only the creation of the Theory of Everything will allow us to explain how the world is arranged and where it came from. This, still unfinished, Theory is now called the M-theory. It is indicated that, according to M-Theory, our Universe is not the only one, but many universes originated from nothing. 

At the same time, the author of the Human Genome project, Francis Collins, states in the book The Language of God thе fundamentally different. “The presence of uncertainty in quantum mechanics makes the world around us unpredictable in its development and not fully explainable. God definitely controls the processes of the universe ... but these methods are elusive for modern scientists”. 

What are the essential contradictions between these statements! And what about each of the authors with internal contradictions in the statements themselves? Is everything in these statements harmonious with Nature? Are the foundations of their theories strong? These questions can be answered only by the Unified Theory of Nature described in this website (see World Creation and Uncertainty). 




25. Some literature for inquiries


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